Starting Over

I'm Mira, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl, and I go to SMAN 5 Surabaya. This is my first post, so first thing I'd like to do is welcoming everybody who have visited my blog.
Bienvenue! Willkommen! ようこそ! Welcome! Selamat datang! \('o'\) (/'o')/
It's not my first blog, actually. I've made a blog before when I was in Junior High School and I've posted a lot. But... I suddenly realized all of that posts are incredibly silly and totally embarrassing.
My last blog is lifeisgetting**************.blogspot.com. It's full of my stories when I was in Junior High School. If you are my JHS friends, you must have read it. I posted a lot of silly stories and also put some alay photos there. My posts were also quite confusing since I wrote it with my own language. However, most of my friends laughed a lot when they read that blog. I used to like it but as long as I grow older, I find it quite embarassing-_- hahaha.
Eventhough it's very silly, sometimes it's fun reading those posts all over again. Makes me remember all of the stupid, fun, or even sad things that ever happen to me. That's why I make a new blog instead of fixing the last one and deleting all of the precious stories there.
However, I hope this blog will also entertain everyone who read it hehe.

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