Wonderful Night ♥

I spent last Saturday at Smala's event, Rendezvous 2k12
I wasn't one of the crew but I performed two songs in Kolosal SS. Kolosal SS is the collaboration of Sekbid 8 Smala which are PSGS, SDC, Tari, Karawitan, and Tetris. I joined PSGS (Paduan Suara Gita Smala) which is my school's choir and we performed two songs at Rendezvous 2k12, Rame-rame and Doa Anak Negri.
We practiced very hard for this performance but sadly the mics weren't enough when we sang Rame-rame and we ended up look like some people dancing stupidly with no song in the stage :( I was quite sad but our performance got much better in the second performance when we sang Doa Anak Negri.
On the other hand, I still had a very wonderful night since the guest star of that event is Maliq & D'essentials. I am a d'essentials and I really really loooove Maliq & D'essentials. I first knew this band when I was in 7th grade and I liked it from the first time I heard their songs. 

I first watched Maliq's live show at Sutos. A lot of people told me that Maliq's guitarist was incredibly handsome and cool. The first time I saw Maliq's guitarist or Lale, was also that time and I absolutely agreed after I knew which one Lale is. I watched him playing guitar and I just easily fell in love with him :') Surely he was as handsome as anyone described him to me, even more hahahaha.

Lale is so cute in this photo :3
Back to Rendezvous 2k12, of course I was very excited because of the guest star. But I was pretty upset. Since I wasn't one of the crew, I thought there will be no chance for me to  take a photo with them or even just meet them. I prayed a lot. I just wanted a photo with Lale, God!
And..... my dream came true :">
At about 7 p.m that night, Jicay texted me and asked me if I want to replace her for interviewing Maliq because she must go home early. No doubt, of course I accepted that offer! I would do anything to meet them!  That time, I felt like flying into the sky. How lucky I was! Thank you so much, Jicay!!! :')
So, at 9.30 p.m, right after singing Doa Anak Negri with PSGS, I directly joined the Meet&Greet with Maliq&D'essentials. I was a bit late so I entered the VIP room alone. I was shaking when I saw Lale just right a few metres in front of my eyes hahahahaha.
So then, I took a photo with him. The conversation still resonated in my ears. "Kak, boleh minta foto bareng?" "Oh iya." ... "Makasih ya, Kak." "Iya sama-sama"  Hihihi :"> Well, sorry for being very super duper overreacting :)) I also saw the new keyboardist, Ilman. No doubt, soooo handsome too wkwk.
Then, I interviewed them and asked them some questions. It was such a very coooool and unforgotable experience. I was chatting with Angga, the vocalist of Maliq & D'essentials hahaha. I was so happy :')
I couldn't chat with Angga any longer because they were about to perform. So, I went back and found a nice place with Rani, Divvy, Dicky, Zulfi, Dhanang, and Rahadian to watched Maliq's performance. And sure, their performance was very very awesome. Especially Lale's! Hahaha.
I couldn't stop singing and jumping. And just right when they sang Untitled. Uuuuuuugggh I became so uneasy hahahahaha. Untitled was my favorite song when I was in Junior High School and that song succesfully made me remember a lot of things I shouldn't remember that night-_- 
"Salahkahku bila, kaulah yang ada di hatiku..." This lyrics is just so meaningful. "Kau yang ada, di hatiku. Adakahku, di hatimu?" Hmmm ._.
Anyway, Maliq sang many songs that night. I liked them all. They were all superb! The last song was Pilihanku. My favorite too. Their performance finished at about 12.30 a.m. I got home at 1.30 p.m and I was soooo tired. But of course I was very happy and wouldn't forget that night. What a very wonderful night it was c:

P.S : I actually wanna share my photo with Lale, but Ve is very mean and she doesn't want to send me that photo from her camera :p Poor me :') I'll posted that photo as soon as I get it :3

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